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Indoor bath in a garden setting with a relaxing atmosphere.
Relaxation room located inside the bath facilities offers a casual, fun atmosphere.

Steam Heated Stone Bed

First in Okinawa, our Steam Heated Stone Bed relaxes the body by stimulating the senses.

The history of heated stone beds dates back to ancient China. Heated stone beds offer a complete sensory experience (five senses) essential for humans that stimulate the autonomic nerves. This helps rejuvenate the body and mind, which people have appreciated since ancient times. Heated stone beds with such a long history came to Okinawa for the first time!

Try our Steam Heated Stone Bed to slowly relieve muscle fatigue and to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Steam Heated Stone Beds are a new type of steam bath in which you close your eyes to meditate while sitting in a cross-legged position. This unique bath has a great calming effect.

Natural materials: Tosa Binchotan charcoals (from Aki, Kochi Prefecture), ocher, coral, and Bad Gastein mineral ore (from Austria)

What is Bad Gastein mineral ore?
Bad Gastein mineral ore is recognized for medical use in Austria. This stone’s natural power (hormesis) is known to be effective at relieving neurological symptoms.

Beneficial effects: Chronic rheumatism, rheumatic disease, various types of arthritis, sciatica, traumatic anesthesia, eyestrain, lower back pain, autonomic imbalance, and more.

Far-Infrared Rock Salt Sauna

Heated rock salt containing an abundance of natural minerals releases negative ions and far-infrared rays in large quantities. The salt promotes blood circulation and provides a soothing effect and other health benefits.

This Far-Infrared Rock Salt Sauna helps open up the pores to sweat out waste and clarify the skin. The sauna is also effective for irritated skin, allergic symptoms, and more.

White-Colored Bath

Known as coral water, our White-Colored Bath is loaded with an abundance of natural minerals, calcium, and other natural coral nutrients.

Beneficial effects: Relaxation effect and fatigue recovery. This is a popular natural medicine using coral water.

Jetted Bubble Bath (Event Bath)

The Event Bath (daily special bath) changes daily fromlavender bath, Momiji bath, wine bath, aloe bath, peppermint bath, and hyaluronic acid and collagen bath to enjoy depending on your mood.

Experience our Event Bath to rejuvenate from a stressful life and sooth the muscles.

※Shown is an example of an aloe bath.

Volcanic Rock Steam & Mist Sauna

This Volcanic Rock Steam & Mist Sauna uses Alaskan volcanic lava stones and mist, which has the ability to change acidic water into slightly alkaline water of pH 7 or above.

Beneficial effects: Sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulders, joint pain, removal of active oxygen, adjustment of ionic balance, removal of waste build-up in the body and stress relief.

Waterjet Pool (Small Pool)

Water pressure from waterjets helps when exercising in one position for a long time.

Guests can also experience aerobic dance sessions in the pool.

※Swimming in the pool is prohibited.

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