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Come see us for all your beauty needs and relaxation!

Rosemary has a welcoming atmosphere where even beginners feel at home.
Our extensive menu offers reasonably priced treatments to treatments specific to clients’ needs.

Facial Treatment

Rejuvenate tired skin and improve skin vitality, elasticity, and sagging with our facial package that comes with a decollete (neck and shoulders) oil treatment. It is truly a refreshing experience for the body and mind!

Select from the menu of treatments you would like to try and consult our staff. We will help select the package perfect for your skin type and condition.

Trial Facial Treatment 30 minutes 2,100 yen
Skin Rejuvenation Treatment 40 minutes 3,150 yen
Hydrating Facial Treatment 40 minutes 3,500 yen
Skin-Brightening Treatment 50 minutes 3,650 yen
Face-Lifting Treatment 60 minutes 5,000 yen

Body Treatment

By improving lymph flow using essential oils, it helps purify the body to remove unwanted waste and excess water. The treatment also improves the immune system and metabolism.

Oil massage relieves tired muscles from daily activities.

Trial Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Oil 30 minutes 3,150 yen
Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Oil 60 minutes 4,200 yen
Indian-Style Lymphatic Aromatherapy (with facial treatment) 70 minutes 6,500 yen
Lymphatic Aromatherapy + Facial Treatment 80 minutes 6,000 yen

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