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Our restaurant is the perfect place to dine with girlfriends, friends from the club, or have a party, large or small, with colleagues.

Enjoy our extensive menu selection!

Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. [Last Call: 9 p.m.]

Our Recommendation

Tempura & Cha Soba Set 800 yen

Kariyushi Gozen 1,000 yen

Mechigusui Set 800 yen


Rice Bowls & Rice

Classic Home Cuisine

Okinawa-Style Champon 680 yen
Curry Rice 580 yen
Curry topped with Deep-Fried Chicken 750 yen
Okinawa Soba 500 yen

Set Meals

Vegetable Chanpuru Set,
Fu Chanpuru Set,
Bitter Gourd Chanpuru Set,
Pork & Fried Egg Set,
Miso Eggplant Set,
Miso Soup Set,
Stir-Fried Liver and Chive Set
680 yen
White Fish with Herb Sauce Set 780 yen


Half-Sized Soba 350 yen
Okinawa Soba 500 yen
Vegetable Soba 700 yen

Vegetable Salad

Good for your body! Healthy salad

Vegetable Salad 580 yen


French Fries,
Vinegared Mozuku Seaweed,
Seasoned Octopus with Wasabi,
Deep-Fried Tofu
All 350 yen each
Stir-Fried Squid with Butter,
Squid Tempura,
Skewered Chicken,
Stir-Fried Squid with Miso,
Deep-Fried Chicken,
Deep-Fried Chicken Wings
All 500 yen each

※We also have other menu items.

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola, Orange Juice 250 yen
Iced Coffee, Iced Tea 250 yen
Hot Coffee, Hot Tea 300 yen
Apple Juice 250 yen

Best for Wellness and Beauty! Fresh 100% Juice

Bitter Gourd & Apple Juice

Aloe & Apple Juice

450 yen


Beer & Low-Malt Beer

Draft Orion Beer, Draft Kirin Beer 500 yen
Kirin Tanrei 350 yen
Non-Alcoholic Beer (Kirin Free) 400 yen


Kikuno-Tsuyu Brown Bottle 1,700 yen
Kikuno-Tsuyu (1.8-liter bottle) 4,300 yen
Kumesen Brown Bottle 1,700 yen
Kumesen (1.8-liter bottle) 4,300 yen
Zanpa (Black) 1,700 yen

Set Menu

Draft Beer Set (Draft beer with two appetizers)
Awamori Set (Awamori with two appetizers)
600 yen

We offer designated driver services for customers consuming alcoholic beverages. Please enjoy your drinks and relax.
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